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Sharing this letter with you All. 

" Dear
 Jai Krishna

Five Tibetans have died after Chinese forces shot into a crowd of peaceful protesters in Kardze, in eastern Tibet, calling for the release of their village leader Wangdak.

Protest in Kardze August 12th, 2014

Chinese forces in Kardze, eastern Tibet shot into a crowd of peaceful Tibetan protesters, leaving 5 dead and others critically injured.

The Chinese government believe they can get away with murder but joint pressure from our governments will force them Chinese government to roll back its repressive policies in Tibet.

Take action now to curb the crackdown in Kardze!

Take action

A crowd of Tibetans were protesting for the release of their village leader Dema Wangdak last Tuesday when Chinese police opened fire. The shooting left five Tibetans dead and others critically injured and untreated while in detention.Wangdak was arrested on August 11th for defending the rights of the Tibetans to celebrate their traditional horse festival and speaking out against the harassment of Tibetan women by senior Chinese officials.

Please take 3 actions today to curb the crackdown in Kardze:

1. Sign this petition directed at our world leaders to help stop the crackdown in Kardze.

2. Write directly to the Chinese officials responsible for the brutal crackdown in Tibet.

3. Organize a local protest outside your Chinese Embassy or Consulate.

The situation in Kardze is tense as residents remain under heavy surveillance. An estimated 200 people have been detained, including the arbitrary arrest of Tibetan men aged 12 and above.

The Kardze shooting demonstrates the Chinese government’s continued and systematic attempts to wipe out Tibetan resistance in Tibet. Since the widespread protests in 2008, all of Tibet underwent intensified military deployment. Last year, two Tibetans were shot in the head when Chinese troops opened fire at a crowd of peaceful Tibetans celebrating the Dalai Lama’s 78th birthday.

But we can do something about it!

We must urge our governments to take united multilateral action to hold the Chinese leadership accountable for their crimes in Tibet. The Chinese government believe they can get away with murder but joint pressure from like-minded governments will force the Chinese government to roll back its repressive policies and address the human rights crisis in Tibet.

Please sign and share the petition to our world leaders to unite for Tibet: 

Tibet needs us more than ever. Together, we can ensure China halts its violent attacks against Tibetans. 

Thank you for taking action for Tibet.

Tenzin Dolkar (TenDolkar)
For Freedom,

TenDolkar signature

TenDolkar and all of us at SFT International

Please donate to support SFT’s urgent actions for Tibet:

More information:

Three More Detained Tibetan Protesters die from gunshot wounds, Radio Free Asia

Chinese Authorities Refuse to Treat Detained Tibetans With Gunshot Wounds, Radio Free Asia

P.S ~ Thanks for your Help & Support.

Best Regards,




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